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A Guide to MOT Testing

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  • A Guide to MOT Testing
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  • 27-09-2016

A Guide to MOT Testing 

MOT tests are in place to ensure that all vehicles meet at least the minimum safety requirements on the road.

If you own a car you know that you need to do an MOT test on a regular basis. Let's take a look at why you should take these tests and what the benefits are.

MOT tests are very important for any car owner. It's also a legal requirement to keep your car on the road. MOT testing should be done by a professional service centre as it is a very important test. 

MOT tests are for all vehicles, including light goods vehicles and motorcycles older than three years. Your vehicle should be examined at least once a year and this should be done by a certified MOT testing station. This is to ensure that it complies with all the necessary safety requirements as the law requires.

There are many things that a MOT test looks for:



Electrical Equipment





Seat Belts

If you do regular maintenance on your vehicle, most of these issues can be avoided. This is why regularly testing for items like faulty lights, tyres and wipers can help you give your vehicle the best possible chance of passing an MOT test. 

It's essential that you work with an experienced team to make sure that any issues are picked up in time and that they can be fixed as well.

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