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Air Conditioning Services

Chelsea Autoworx specialises in professional air conditioning services on all BMW models. We have all the necessary equipment and expertise to provide a premium service. This will ensure that your air conditioning system functions at its absolute best at all times.

As an independent BMW specialist, we can provide the same high standards as a dealership - but at a fraction of the cost. This means that you can have a professional air conditioning service for your BMW. All this, from qualified technicians at an affordable price.

Your vehicle's air conditioning system will gradually start to lose refrigerant as time goes by. This will also reduce its ability to effectively cool the inside of the vehicle.

Gas will gradually permeate from seals and joints, which leads to the natural loss of refridgerant over time. This is why a professional re-gas is needed on a regular basis to provide the maximum cooling ability. This will ensure that your air conditioning system always functions at its best.

Your air conditioning system should be serviced at regular intervals. This is to ensure that it maintains its ability to effectively cool the vehicle. And also to ensure that we breathe clean air that has little or no bacterial content.

Bacteria can build up inside the system's evaporator unit. This is why it is important to also regularly have your system deodorised and sanitised.

Our BMW air conditioning re-gas and service inspection start from £70+VAT.

In addition to our professional air conditioning services, Chelsea Autoworx also provides other quality services. These include: bodywork repairs, diagnostic services, MOT testing and wheel alignment.

For more information about our air conditioning services, please don't hesitate to get in touch.