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BMW Bodywork Repairs
Fulham And Chelsea

Are you looking for BMW Bodywork Repairs in Fulham, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and London? Chelsea Autoworx has an experienced team of BMW specialists to provide expert bodywork repair services.

We are an independent BMW specialist that provides professional bodywork repair services. 

We understand that when you are faced with accident damage to your vehicle, you want a service that you can trust. We offer reliable repairs that not only provides value for money but a high standard of service.

As the owner of the vehicle, you can choose where you want your BMW to be repaired. You are required by law to provide your insurer with one repair estimate. They, then, have to meet all the reasonable costs that are associated with the repair.

It is why you should not settle for anything less than the best - insist on Chelsea Autoworx in London.

BMW Repairs

Throughout the bodywork repair process, we use only genuine BMW Parts. Doing so allows us always to see and maintain the integrity and safety of your BMW.

We recommend that you always choose to fit genuine BMW Parts. Such is because they have been manufactured to the exact specifications of the original parts and components. Also, the water-based paints and all materials used are free of solvents, and thus, they are also environmentally friendly.

All repair work is performed by our experienced, fully trained BMW technicians in London. They have full factory support as well as access to original workshop repair manuals. It is to ensure that all the necessary standards and procedures are followed and adhered to.

Professional London technicians at Chelsea Autoworx will skillfully and thoroughly prepare your BMW before starting the repainting and servicing process when your car is ready for refinishing.

We use approved advanced paint systems to ensure the very highest standard and quality end product. It can also make or determine the ultimate durability is guaranteed with low bake drying.

Your vehicle is carefully assembled and undergoes extensive quality checks and various testing procedures. When this is complete, your car will be cleaned and returned to you in immaculate condition.

BMW Bodywork Repairs Fulham And Chelsea

BMW Accident Management

Chelsea BMW Specialists Ltd customers are all eligible for BMW accident management programmes. Suppose you have been involved in an accident with your BMW vehicle; the programme is intended to continue providing customers with a series of benefits that will ensure and allow the situation to be thoroughly taken care of. It will leave you better off in the long run as you'll be stress-free with a repaired car in no time.

Using the advantages at Chelsea BMW Specialists Ltd will mean you're entitled to receive repairs and any recovery work on your car regardless of your UK location.

If your car is not registered as road-legal after an accident, it must be quickly taken to the closest BMW centre in your vicinity or area. In the way, you'll be eligible for any temporary replacement vehicles to utilise whilst your car is being repaired after a non-fault accident.

Minor Repairs

Chelsea BMW Specialists Ltd is capable of completing a wide variety of minor cosmetic repairs on your BMW; they can do so through utilising advanced paint application and repair methods. In doing so, professionals can restore your BMW to its former state. If you require further advice or information from our team, please call us today, and we'll discuss all your requirements and needs.

We've listed a few of the essential yet minor repairs that we can easily take care of when you bring your vehicle to our shop:

Windscreen repairs: Our staff can repair all bulls eyes and chip with our latest high-tech windscreen repair equipment starting from £40.

Paint repairs and bumper scruff:We can effectively repair scratches and scuffs starting from £65.

Dent repairs:We can successfully remove all small and medium dents per panel for £40.

Wing mirror repaints:We can repair scratched or scuffed mirrors starting from £35.

Paint chip repairs:We can apply manufacturer paint to any chips on your car for £45.

Alloy wheel repairs:Our professionals can perform repairs, including repainting on any single painted alloy wheel, starting from £45.

Complete set alloy wheel repairs:We can repair full sets of alloy wheels that have all been painted starting from prices of £160. 

BMW Engine repairs

BMW Engine repairs

Our team of reliable professionals take pride in working on numerous BMW engines regardless of their models, and they have plenty of experience working on them for years. Professional technicians under Chelsea BMW Specialists Ltd have completed a wide range of rebuilds for hundred of BMW engines. Contact us today on the phone number or through the email address if you need an urgent engine repair for your BMW vehicle.

BMW Suspension repairs

Your BMW is likely to fail over time, it is an instance that could take years to develop, or it could happen suddenly during a nasty accident. 

However it happened, please get in touch to discuss your BMW car, our staff may pick it up if we can do so.

BMW Exhaust repairs

It doesn't matter what BMW model you own; our technicians have plenty of important years of experience in the field working on thousands of BMW's; rest assured and have peace of mind that we know what we're doing regarding all repairs.

Suppose you detect a rattling sound or your exhaust requires urgent replacements, don't hesitate to give us a call for a free quote and consultation; we'll discuss how best we can assist your problems.

If you find that your BMW exhaust is making loud or strange noises, or perhaps you've noticed some error codes or weird smells, we'll help you diagnose the problems and curate numerous practical solutions to deal with them. We could even diagnose issues over the phone or via email should you describe the problems well enough. That way, professionals can offer a free quote with costs that suit the repairs or fixes it requires.

BMW Electric repairs

It is scarce; however, the electrics of BMW cars can fail much like any other vehicle. Our professionals have the skills and talents to fix any issues with your BMW's windows, the radio, etc. Customers even bring in their BMV vehicles to get them officially coded. We can code additional features that are available to spec when purchasing the brand-new BMW car.

For those experiencing any minor or severe electrical faults with your BMW car, you can bring your vehicle into our shop, and our technicians will take a closer look to diagnose the problems at hand. There may be security issues, or we'll need to prepare a replacement part suitable for your model.

BMW Electric repairs

If you require BMW Bodywork Repairs in Fulham, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and London get in contact today. 

For more information about our bodywork repair services, please don't hesitate to get in touch through our phone number 020 7386 0777 or email address on our website. 

There's also a contact form on our site that you may fill out for any future servicing information or free quotes.