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MINI and BMW Servicing
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If you require MINI and BMW servicing in Chelsea, Fulham or the surrounding areas of London, get in touch with our specialists today. Our independent BMW specialist garage offers a complete service to keep your car performance at it's best.

MINI and BMW Servicing Chelsea and Fulham

MINI and BMW Fixed Price Servicing 

To ensure that your vehicle is performing to the best of its ability, it is important to arrange for a regular servicing which will include an oil change, exhaust checks, fluid top ups, tyre tread testing, shock absorbers, wheel alignment, brakes and suspension inspection.

A regular servicing will prevent expensive repairs needing to be completed at a future date.

MINI Fixed Price Servicing

Our experienced team of BMW MINI experts provide dealership standards of servicing and diagnostics but for a fraction of the price. Our fixed price servicing ensures that you know exactly what you expect to pay and receive no unexpected additions to your servicing bill.

BMW Fixed Price Servicing

Chelsea BMW Specialists offer fixed price servicing for BMW and MINI vehicles throughout Chelsea, Fulham and London. Our fixed price servicing includes Castrol oil and genuine BMW and BMW MINI parts according to vehicle specification.

Are you looking for BMW servicing in Chelsea, Fulham or the surrounding areas of London? Contact us today on 020 7386 0777

MOT Testing in Fulham and London

BMW MOT Testing

Our professional team of BMW and MINI experts will carry out a complete examination of your vehicle to ensure that it is in an acceptable condition to pass the MOT test.

We offer reliable and honest advice including any repairs required to pass the test.

Bodywork Repairs

If your BMW is involved in an accident, our specialist body-shop can provide the highest standard of bodywork repairs. We carry out repairs using only genuine BMW parts according to the exact specifications of the manufacturer.

Contact Chelsea BMW Specialists today by calling 020 7386 0777 or you can complete our contact form for more information about the services that we can provide.

BMW Servicing - Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I service my BMW

Many BMW owners wonder how often they should service their cars. Undertaking regular maintenance on your BMW is the best way to avoid any problems or accidents and allow your BMW to operate at its best. Following the manufacturer's MOT and servicing schedule is the best way to fix any issues that could become disastrous, helping to keep the price of any repairs that might pop up nice and low. While regular servicing will help ensure that your BMW runs at peak performance while it is in your hands, it will also help your car's resale value. 

MOT and servicing intervals will differ depending on what model of BMW you own. It is, therefore, a good idea to check your owner's manual book when considering how often you should service your BMW. You should also make sure you arrange a BMW service if any of your warning lights illuminate or you spot a possible issue yourself. 

How often should a BMW get an oil change?

This question may be more challenging to answer than you might think. Given that modern BMW models run on synthetic oils that require less frequent changing than older models, how often you should change the oil in your BMW varies on the model and the series. Your car may run anywhere from 12,000 to 15,000 miles before it needs its oils changed. 

We recommend you should change your oil between 7,500 to 10,000 miles. The old ways of changing your oil every 3,000 miles aren't necessary these days, given how far BMW engineering has come. These engineering advances have helped people save money on oil changes and be better for the environment. Your driving habits will also determine how often you should change the oil in your BMW. 

Those who drive long distances or at high speeds, then changing your oil more often, around every 5,000 miles, will help to reserve your engine. Conversely, if you are a city commuter or do not have great demands on your BMW engine, then the above mileages would apply to ensure your BMW keeps running smoothly. 

What service does my BMW need?

But how do you know what service your BMW needs? The solution is straightforward. If your BMW comes with the iDrive system, you need to scroll through your vehicle information, find your 'Vehicle Status' and select 'service required. From here, you will be able to search through options such as 'engine oil' and 'vehicle check'. Select the BMW car components you wish to check, and the system will inform you if they require servicing. If your BMW does not have the iDrive system, take your car to a dealership or garage, and they will be able to run a key read on your BMW to see if it is due for servicing. 

Does a BMW have to be serviced by BMW?

BMW car services do not need to be done by the main dealer, and you can take your car to whatever garage or independent BMW servicing centre you wish without affecting your warranty in any way. You would want to ensure that wherever you decide on taking your BMW for a service, they adhere to the manufacturer's servicing schedule. However, if your car requires any necessary work, BMW does have the right to demand that they carry out the work themselves. In this case, however, the services' costs will come out of their pocket and not yours, so BMW services may end up being better value for money. 

What does a full car service include?

If you think that your BMW requires a service, then this is what you can expect for the price of a service: 

Lights, tyres, exhausts and operation of brakes and and steering checks.

Oil changes and filter replacements.

Engine tuning so that it runs at peak performance. 

Hydraulic fluid and coolant level checks.

Vehicle steering alignment checks.

Battery condition checks.

Checks to the vehicle's cooling system (radiator, pump, hoses etc.)

Vehicle suspension checks.

Are you looking for BMW servicing in Chelsea, Fulham or the surrounding areas of London? Contact us today on 020 7386 0777