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Buying a BMW

Chelsea BMW Specialists specialises in BMW sales and services. We know that buying a BMW is an important choice.

That's why we provide the best guidance and sales support available. A BMW is an excellent choice for car and provides you with reliability on the road.

Popular BMW models include:

BMW i8

BMW 1 series


BMW 3 series




BMW i3


BMW Series

When you do decide to buy a BMW there are a few things to consider. The maintenance and repair costs of a BMW can be higher than other cars.

Some of the parts and accessories are more expensive, so this is something you should keep in mind. But a BMW is very reliable and very well engineered. It gives you reliability and safety while driving on the road.

Some BMW models may depreciate quicker than others. Speak to an experienced dealer and ask about the depreciation rates of each model before you buy a car.

Is a BMW the right car for me? 

Buying a BMW can be very exciting, but you also need to think about the longer term.

Also consider the fuel economy. Different BMW models will have different fuel economy abilities. This is important because it will determine your maintenance costs while driving your car.

Fuel efficiency is important, especially if you drive long distances on a regular basis.

When you buy a BMW, make sure that you find a service centre that is qualified and experienced. You need qualified technicians to work on your BMW we need a service or parts replaced. This will ensure that the service is done correctly and that genuine parts are being used.

We are the premium provider of BMW sales in Chelsea. We offer used BMW sales throughout Parsons Green,  Earls Court, Putney, Wandsworth, Fulham and London. For more information about buying a BMW, phone 020 7386 0777.