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Wheel Alignment

Chelsea Autoworx specialises in professional wheel alignment services on all BMW models. Our wheel alignment technology has been specially designed to fine tune your vehicle handling. This allows us to improve under/oversteer, handling, fuel economy and tyre wear.

There is a wide range of elements that have an impact on your BMW's handling performance.

Potholes and kerbs can easily change the alignment of your wheels, causing a poor handling car, and excessive wear on your tyres.

For these reasons, we recommend checking the wheel alignment on your car on an annual basis to pick up on any issues ahead of time.

Our wheel alignment service includes:

  • Front And Rear Wheel Alignment
  • Shimming And Slotting
  • Caster Adjustment

By using the latest wheel alignment technology we can correct and fine-tune your car's handling. This helps us to eliminate:

  • Poor tyre wear
  • Fuel economy
  • Under/Oversteer
  • Overall Handling

We want to ensure that your car remains effective and efficient in it's handling performance. A regular wheel alignment check can rectify the damage caused by kerbs, uneven roads and potholes.

Our BMW KDS full 4-wheel alignment is only £115 + VAT.

In addition to our professional wheel alignment services, Chelsea Autoworx also provides other premium services. These include bodywork repairs, diagnostic services, air conditioning, and MOT testing.

As an independent BMW specialist, we work closely with our clients. We can offer a more honest and personal approach than a dealership or national garage brands.

Our friendly team are all highly experienced BMW enthusiasts. We bring a passion and attention to detail to our work that has no rival in the London area.

For more information about our wheel alignment services, please don't hesitate to get in touch.